Tomorrow’s Lifestyle, Today

Tomorrow’s Lifestyle, Today. Imagine This

You come home from an especially exhausting day at the office. You kick off your loafers, sink into the recliner and grab your iPad from the side table. It’s awfully bright outside, so you touch the screen of your iPad and the shades descend from the ceiling.

You touch the screen again, a keypad appears, and you press number 1. Hi, honey. I’m home. Have a safe flight tomorrow morning. Hmm did I lock the car door? You wonder, but you’re a little to comfy now to find out, so you touch the screen of your iPad to set the alarm. Soft music plays quietly but clearly through your home speakers when you touch your iPad screen once again. You return your iPad to the side table, recline back a little further, and close your eyes. Ahhh!

This is not a scene from the distance future. Crestron® Home bring all this futuristic facilities in an affordable manner to the everyday life. Home automation has been a reality for many years, unbeknownst to the masses who aren’t yet informed of its user-friendly comfort and safety features, its reliability, and especially its affordability. One Touch Automation’s official blog serves as a portal for news, information, education and conversation on the subject of smart homes, as they’re often called. Visit often, ask questions and be informed of the life-changing convenience and security of home automation.

One Touch, that’s all it takes. To enjoy tomorrow’s lifestyle today contact us now.