Preventing Shady Business at Your Home

Preventing Shady Business at Your Home

The idea of being watched in your home by a prowler just waiting to pounce is terrifying. One way to prevent being a target is by having automated shading solutions installed in your home. In addition to privacy, there are a number of reasons people feel at ease with professional shadings on their windows, including:

  • Glare Reduction
  • Elegance
  • Ambience
  • Convenience
  • Energy savings
  • Delicate-furniture protection

Automated shading solutions are beneficial for families, couples, bachelors and yes, especially single women that want to control of the amount of natural light coming in during the day, and conceal their personal time and private lives at night.

In this photo, you will see an elegant homein which One Touch Automation installed automatic blinds for a GTA-and-surrounding-area client. Believe it or not, if the window coverings in this photo were pulled all the way down, the transparecy of the white blinds will allow the sunshine to penetrateand the breath-taking scenery to be admiredduring the day, whilecompletely blocking the view of the inside of the home from peeping toms outside.

A whole-home motorized draper system can give you simultaneous control of all shades in your house or apartment, whether you’re home or not. By setting a pre-determined scene and selecting one button, you can restrict the view inside your home from any shady characters that could be lurking in the dark. You can even have this feature set to a timer, to protect your loved ones, home, and personal belongings when you’re away or on vacation.

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