Middle Atlantic Rack. OneTouch Automation is proud to become Middle Atlantic Dealer on May 2012. Middle Atlantic is a world-leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art steel enclosure systems or commonly known as Rack for a wide range of applications, including the structured cabling/ premise wiring/ security/ broadcast/ commercial audio video installation and post production markets.

OneTouch Automation uses best in the industry racking products fromMiddle Atlantic to facilitate all racking needs of its clients. OneTouch is usingthe RackLink Power Management System from Middle Atlantic Products a web-enabled power management system that sets a new standard for A/V installations.

Set it up in less than 5 minutes and it will monitor the power and temperature conditions ofinstalled system, log and alertthe integratorto any irregularities, and even reboot or take another action to correct problems on its own.Middle Atlantic hasmade it easy to set up and operate, with an open architecture that integrates seamlessly with leading control systems and with smart phone and is compatible with ‘cloud’ based services but is not dependent on them.

Remotely managed power products that provide integrators with real-time visibility and control over any installation from anywhere in the world.
All RackLink series products from Middle Atlantic are fully compliant with any control system or content aggregator. To order your racks today, contact us.