Referral programs exist in many organizations, you refer a colleague, and get paid $xx.xx from human resources. Ours is quite different and unique; if you refer us a project you will get a referral fee based on the project value. Every time we serve that client making new sales, you will keep getting the referral fees. As we are dedicated professionals, we feel referrals are huge, especially in a small business where we can’t afford to hire a huge salesforce.

You can also donate your referral fees to charity of your choice.

We provide performance guarantee on our workmanship, so you don’t need to worry about the quality. We maintain higher quality standard from design, installation, programming and documentation – we maintain quality very strictly as repeat business is the key to our success. If that does not satisfy you and you would like to know more about us before making the referral decision, why not contact some of our valued clients? or visit one of our project site? If you are interested to receive the details of referral program and a copy of the contract, please send us a quick line