From Broadcast, Blu-ray Disc to Streaming Media – everything is digital. Is your entertainment system Digital?

Blu-ray Disc®, cable TV, satellite TV, Apple TV®, Internet radio, Netflix®, Hulu® Plus and YouTube® – all are fully digital. If your entertainment system isn’t Digital, Crestron DigitalMediaâ„¢ is the best solution in the industry to bring Digital Media or True HD in your daily life.

  • True HD video and sound distributed throughout your home with a single CAT5e Cable
  • Access to all available content, such as streaming media, Blu-Ray movies, iPod Videos etc.
  • The ability to browse, search and play all content from any room at any time
  • The ability to watch or listen to the same content in multiple rooms at the same time
  • Channel surfing, without the annoying delay between channels
  • 3D video

Why do you want to wait?
You may adjust with minor annoyances right now. But, soon, you will be unable to purchase any analog devices, stricter digital content protection laws will make your current home entertainment system very much useless.

Call us today for a free evaluation to upgrade to Crestron DigitalMedia or to get the best entertainment experience possible, along with the convenience, reliability, and simplicity that you always enjoyed with your Crestron system.