Awesome audio installation

OneTouch Automation, Mississauga, Ontario Canada

The Gemstone home (name changed to protect identity)is an 8,000 square foot lakefront property in a prestigious neighbourhood of Oakville, Ontario. The client already had several televisions plus other audio and video components, but found that their home technology had become complicated and unmanageable. They were looking for a way to fully integrate all aspects of the home into one user-friendly system. At the same time, they wanted to add new state-of-the-art components to have audio for whole home. The obvious answer was a Crestron® solution.

There were several challenges to making this happen. Because this was an existing home with high quality finishing, the client wanted millwork and cable runs to be kept to a minimum. Distance of signal was also an issue, as the home covers a large amount of property. Content and control needed to be sent to all areas on multiple levels of the home.

A major component of this system was audio throughout the living areas of the home or basically Audio for whole home.

This had to be a system that would not only include a comprehensive array of audio sources it also had to be a system that would allow for emerging technologies to be easily integrated at a later date.

OneTouch Automation of Mississauga Ontario provided the Crestron-based solution for this client. Under the leadership of Naz Kawsar, OneTouch provided the concept, the design, the installation the programming and the commissioning for this project.

The poject also called on the expertise of audio specialist Rob Brown of Thorvin Electronics.

Crestron was the go-to product for virtually the entire system. By using a Crestron solution, OneTouch was able to achieve the following:

Simple centralized control of 16 audio zones.

Backgound music controlled from a central location as well as from decor panels in key locations throughout the house.

Limited cable runs. OneTouch was able to keep cable runs to a bare minimum, with most runs restricted to a single cat-5 cable.

Easy management of multiple music sources including FM radio, CD, iPod, XM satellite and cable/satellite TV, Digital Media, Blu-Ray etc.

State of the art surround sound in the Home Theatre room.

Affordable understandable wireless controls pads everywhere they are needed in the house

Timely supply of product and ease of assembly that resulted in less disruption for the client and lower labour costs

The client is delighted with the results. The new generation of Crestron® Digital audio systems has brought the audio standards of this home up toa new higher standard. To asses your project or to consult for a best solution with a competitve budget contact us.

Paul Harris, OneTouch Automation