The Fieldstone Home Project
OneTouch Automation, Mississauga, Ontario Canada

The Fieldstone (name changed to honor client’s privacy) home is an 8,000 square foot lakefront property in a prestigious neighbourhood of Oakville, Ontario. OneTouch Automation of Mississauga was contracted to provide a comprehensive full-home solution.

While this project involves many rooms and sub-systems, a focal point is the Home Theatre room. Making this room perfect was a major part of a successful install. The family enjoys a wide variety of entertainment options, and needed a system that would not only be easy to contol, but would also access numerous sources and offer the kind of video and audio that would produce a real wow factor. The solution would have to also respect the fine finishings and decor of the house.

There are many options available for a home theatre system, but OneTouch decided that the best results would be achieved by using a total Crestron solution.

OneTouch provided the concept, the design, installation, programming and the commissioning for this project.

Once the 84 inch monitor had been chosen, the Crestron® solution took over.

The client appreciated that the head end hardware is all hidden away in a rack in the basement. As the equipment list shows, the right combination of Creston product offers seamless delivery, contol and reproduction of audio and video.

Among the features of this system are:


The Crestron DGE-2, allowing the client a superor touch screen experience while keeping the technology to dirve it hidden away in the rack.

The Crestron Procise PSPHD 7.3 High definitiion surround sound processor that provides cinema quality performance.

The Crestron Procise ProAmp 7X-400 . Mating perfectly with the PSPHD, the amp delivers audiophile quality.

limited cable runs: Using a combination of wireless signal and Crestron technology, OneTouch was able to keep cable runs to a bare minimum, with most runs restricted to a single cat-5 cable. This made it possible to install all the technology with limited millwork and no changes to home decor.

Convenient wireless controls that easily navigate through sources that include mutiple satellites, cable, Blu-Ray, Streaming Media, Digital Video,FM, XM and iPod.

A state of the art media server system that streamlines storage and retrieval of content

Timely supply of product and ease of assembly that resulted in less disruption for the client and lower labour costs


The client is delighted with the results. They are now enjoying movies, broadcast television and sporting events from the best seat in the house without the frustration of a bewildering collection of remotes controls. Creston® technology and OneTouch Automation have joined together to produce a satisfied customer. To design your own theater consult us now.