Interior Design and automation. Last week in Toronto, the top professional interior designers in Canada met for their annual trade show. The IIDEX show is still the number one event of its kind in the country. The premier manufacturers bring their newest products, and designers network and attend workshops, seminars and social events

OneTouch Automation was pleased to be the only Home Automation specialist exhibiting at IIDEX. There were a number of reasons we wanted to be there.

One reason was to educate the designers about the new products and solutions available in the exciting area of integrated home technology. Designers are in the business of creating dream homes and businesses. OneTouch was there to show them how we can take that dream and make it more livable, more energy efficient and more secure.

We were pleased to be joined in our booth by some of the leading manufacturers we proudly represent, including Crestron®, AMX®, Lutron® and Kramer®. The crowds at the show were treated to big screen images of Crestron® technology as displayed by Kramer® video switching.

A fully functional touch pad system was provided so that visitors could find out for themselves how easy and enjoyable it is to control multiple types of technology. Those with an interest in top-of-the line items were delighted to see and try the AMX wide touch screens.

Many of the people we spoke with told us they realized they needed to understand this technology, as their clients were now demanding it. We found that in many ways, our approach is not that much different from theirs.

The interior designer takes a variety of components wall finishes, flooring, drapes, furniture, artwork and combines them to create a coherent whole. They learned that we do the same thing, We take security systems, music systems, theatre systems, home heating and cooling, lighting and other technology and combine it into a complete whole home system where every element works together, just like their design does.

It was also an opportunity to help them understand that the earlier home automation is part of the design, the better it is, not just for them, but also for the client. Until now, many designers have thought of technology as something that is added late in the project after everything else is finished. But there are many benefits from adding us to the team right from the start. It’s all about being part of the early planning. They found out how easy and straightforward it is to involve OneTouch in their projects, as the interior design process fits perfectly with what we do:

– Design a custom system that completely suits the homeowner’s lifestyle:

– Select technology and systems that create the exact look and experience the client wants:

– Work closely with the architect, the builder, the designer and the homeowner every step of the way.

They were also pleased to know that our initial consultation is always free, and that we will come to them to make the process as easy as possible.Architects at the show were happy to know what we speak their language, that we work easily with CADD and that our industry-certified employees understand the importance of structural and electrical safety.

The result was a highly successful show that allowed us to reach out to a whole new industry. Over the coming year, we look forward to going out to educate designers about the basics of A/V, home automation and control, and show how they work together to make their clients even happier.

We look forward to helping the many new friends we made at IIDEX to use Whole Home Automation and Integrated Home Technology to bring a new level of satisfaction to their clients. If you are in the design industry and want to know more about audio visual technology and home automation, contact us today.