A New Standard in Media Delivery Solution

Media Delivery Solution

In today’s unruly world of multimedia options, with its mind-boggling array of media formats, software applications, set-top boxes, and proprietary user interfaces, Crestron ADMS brings together all the fragments into one cohesive user experience called Intermedia Delivery. Giving you the power to acquire and manage virtually any content you desire is what Intermedia Delivery is all about. A great Media Delivery Solution.

The Crestron® ADMS G2 provides a streamlined onetouch solution for storing and playing all your digital videos, music, photos and home movies. It also delivers a seamless online experience, letting you rent major motion pictures from Netflix®, stream videos from YouTube® and Vimeo®, and watch your favorite news, sports, and TV shows through Hulu® and Hulu Plus, Metacafe®, Comedy Central®, ESPN®, CNN®, and numerous other top providers in the World.

Built-in Web browsing completes the experience, giving you full access to all that the Internet has to offer without leaving the comfort of your home theater or living room sofa. Music Access to the Max The Crestron ADMS isn’t just for the home theater it is also an audiophile grade music server for your whole house.

Imagine having your entire music collection hosted on one intelligent device, with the ability to play any track, album, or playlist in seconds using the onscreen display or one touch of a button on your touch screen throughout the home. The ADMS supports a wide range of lossless and compressed audio file formats including Windows Media®, iTunes Plus®, MP3 and FLAC, with enhanced support for cover art and metadata.

The ADMS has three independent audio outputs, offering seamless integration with the Crestron Sonnex Multiroom Audio System, allowing listeners in different rooms to enjoy their own playlists and podcasts independently. I Sync, Therefore I Am Easy To Use Managing the music, video, photo, and home movie files on your Crestron ADMS couldn’t be simpler, thanks to ADMS Connect® software.

ADMS Connect continuously monitors the media folders on your Windows® PC or Mac® computer (or NAS drive) and copies new files to the ADMS media library automatically as they’re added. It can also be used to copy files manually. Using ADMS Connect, it’s easy to keep your ADMS in sync with your computer whether you use iTunes®, Windows Media Player, or any other media application.

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Credit: Crestron® Media