NFC a New “Wave” of Home Automation

NFC a New Wave of Home Automation

Now-a-days mobile devices are everywhere. Most of us leaves home always with their smart phone in hand. Phones are getting smarter. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and near field communication (NFC) are becoming standard appliance. With such a powerful device in so many hands, the next logical question is what bigger role these NFC enabled smartphones can play in our daily lives?

Let’s see what NFC is? What is NFC and how does it work? explains it simply and clearly: Near field communication is a form of contactless communication between devices like smartphones or tablets. Contactless communication allows a user to wave the smartphone over a NFC compatible device to send information without needing to touch the devices together or go through multiple steps setting up a connection. 

Crestron airConnect is a cool new tool that allows users to put NFC technology into action. Crestron airConnect lets you waive your NFC device over our airConnect device to activate a variety of system commands.

Crestrondemonstrated airConnect at CEDIA 2012 in Indianapolis. In one application, a wave of an NFC-enabled phone triggered the shades in Crestron Theater to lower, launched the Crestron Mobile app and flipped to the theater control page on the smart device.

A second application in a bedroom activated a lighting scene and turned the TV on. When exiting the room, a second wave turned everything off. At the front entry, a wave of the cellphone turned on the front porch light, unlocked the front door, activated a preset lighting scene in the foyer and started playing the favorite iTunes® playlist. A Crestron® touch screen inside the front door then asked me to enter my home security code to deactivate the alarm system. Touch-free home automation is now a reality.

To provide a personal customized experience, airConnect devices are smart enough to let the homeowner personalize the actions triggered when swiping their phone. This means the homeowner can modify their own presets for any airConnect control point.

Stay tuned for the release of several Crestron® airConnect products and software updates. The airConnect puck for boardrooms and offices is slated to be released in the next few months. Simply wave your phone over the puck and the room sets up instantly for the perfect presentation. Next, place Decora style airConnect faceplates on any decora style keypad, dimmer, or standard light switch and take control of any environment without touching a thing. Plus, updated versions of our Mobile apps will let you record a set of commands to program and modify airConnect functionality in any space.

To learn more about NFC a New Wave of Home Automation or for your automation needs please contact us today.