Crestron® Climate Control solutions enhance total home automation and building control systems, providing the ultimate benefits in energy conservation and cost savings. Conveniently program your preferred temperature inside your home and monitor the HVAC from keypads and touchpanels.

Climate control solution with variety of occupancy and light sensors allow ultra-efficient and automated temperature management and monitoring, promote daylight harvesting, lower utility costs and keep your home or building at its greenest.

Horizon® Thermostats are thoughtful, modern design which meets professional control.

With their ultra-slim profile and luxurious aesthetic, Horizon smart thermostats are always neat and discreet, while also delivering advanced functionality.

  • Intuitive control and bright high-resolution touch screen makes settings as easy to see as they are to adjust
  • Touch screen displays in light and/or dark mode
  • Light sensor adjusts display brightness and switches automatically to dark mode at night
  • Built-in proximity sensor eliminates need to swipe or touch to wake up thermostat at all
  • Quick-look RGB backlit status bar indicates current status and provides sophisticated design
  • No batteries, so you’ll never return home or wake up to a too hot or cold house because the batteries ran out
  • Silent operation


Native integration with Crestron Home™ platform

Horizon® thermostats are part of the complete Crestron® home solutions. You get convenient, consistent and easier control from anywhere via the Crestron Home™ app. Easily set them up to automatically adjust temperature and humidity. Ensure optimal comfort, convenience, and energy savings throughout the day with complete ease.


Integrator friendly

Flexible wiring options make Horizon® thermostats fit equally well in new construction. It also allows easier integration to retrofit installations. Color-coded spring terminals make it easy to install. You can remotely configure multiple Horizon thermostats. Save and reuse configurations, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. A real time-saver for the system integrator. Enhanced logging and diagnostics makes service and support much easier and makes it secure.

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