It’s Always Better to Design Then Build

It’s Always Better to Design Then Build

What is the right time to install home automation? Some people think it’s after the home has been completed. That is possible. Here at OneTouch AV, we have done many retrofit projects that have been very successful. It is do-able to install home automation after a home is complete, especially with the new wireless options available. Still, the truth is the ideal time to automate your home is before it’s built at the design phase.
There are a lot of reasons for this. Let’s look at a few.

Lower cost:

This is everyone’s favourite. It’s always less expensive to run wiring when the wall are open. Not only do you save money on labour, you also have the chance to put in any conduit that may be required to make sure your system meets local building codes.

You can get the right experts on board early:

You will want to find a real pro for this kind of work. They will be able to supply your General Contractor with a list of cables, boxes, conduit and power requirements that will allow a smooth and simple pre-wire. If the contractor is unfamiliar, the AV professionals can help in making sure best practices are followed during the cable pull. Also, the automation company is now taking responsibility for the cable run. If anything is missing in the system, they will have to make it right.

A chance to future proof for very little money:

This is the best time to run extra cat-6 cable, fibre optic cable, additional A/C or conduit to make sure that all your needs will be taken care of for many years to come. Putting in future capacity is an option that has to be considered. It’s a lot cheaper and a lot less messy than knocking holes in the walls and ceilings ten years from now. You’ll feel very smart when the time comes to upgrade the bandwidth of your home automation or entertainment system and all the right cable is waiting in the walls.

You may find there are things you want to change about your home:

After you meet with the automation specialist, you may find that you want to dedicate a different room for home theatre, or change the design of a room to accommodate it. You may want to go with automated shades, and that may require different wiring, the construction of valences or different window frames. You may find out that your home is not well set up for security, and you want to improve this part of the design. You may find you want a motorized garage door or an automated sprinkler system. You don’t want to start digging trenches after the landscaping is in. This is the time to find out all the things that will personalize your home for the maximum amount of comfort and convenience, and to make any design changes that must be done.

It will help you get a better idea of your budget:

A custom build is almost always someone’s dream home. You don’t want to get to that last part of construction and find out that you haven’t budgeted for the things that will make the home the dream come true you always wanted. By working at the design phase, you can realistically budget for this important aspect of home comfort, security and entertainment. That way, the day you take possession of the house it will truly be the home and the lifestyle you had in mind.

Your pricing will be guaranteed:

By finding a reputable integrator who will give you a firm quote for the complete system, you will have certainty on your home automation pricing even if there is a price increase on equipment or labour before the home is built.

To design your system early, you need to find a home automation integrator that is experienced in working at every phase of construction, including pre-build. Look for a supplier with a high level of industry certification, a good knowledge of blueprints and CAD and a strong track record of working in conjunction with other trades. They will have the expertise to envision the right solutions and come up with a cost, and a plan.

At OneTouch Automation, we pride ourselves on having extensive experience working at the pre-construction phase. Contact us any time to discuss your needs. If you already built the house we can work around to achieve your goals and show you that It’s Always Better to Design Then Build is only better if you haven’t build yet. If you need any help designing your audio visual or automation systems please feel free to contact us.