The first wireless device I ever used was made by AMX. The year was 1982, and I was one of the notoriously nerdy AV enthusiasts at University. We were the ones who were always asked to load the film strips and set up the slide projectors. This time, the projector came with something new an MX20 wireless remote. You could stand at the front of the room and advance the slides from there without a wire! It seems so humble now, but it was a miracle at the time and the beginning of great things.
On through the years AMX has introduced one great product and innovation after another. From touch panels to digital media servers to motion control, from video conferencing to VOIP to ultra wide screen panels, AMX has always stayed at the forefront of automation technology.
Now AMX is taking an aggressive new stance in home automation. They have also dedicated themselves to making home automation clear and understandable for homeowners.

AMX was concerned that over the years, there had been too much emphasis placed on the technology and not enough on the enormous lifestyle benefits of home automation. For the homeowner, it had become a matter of navigating through an alphabet soup of processor model numbers, generations of data cable, radio frequencies and dozens of other things that frankly, they had absolutely no interest in. In 2010, AMX aggressively ramped up their home products initiative, and that led to a new philosophy, as well as one of the best web sites in the industry.

The site is called In this case, the name says it all. AMX wants to show you that far from being a complication in your life, home automation is what is going to make you life easier, safer, more convenient, more environmentally responsible and more fun.

They believe that simplifying your home starts with understanding the four major steps to putting in your system. The first one is a plan. The saying goes if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and nowhere is that more accurate than in home automation. That means taking into account your needs, your architecture and your interior design.
Next, you need to get a great design, which means finding and engaging a professional. They will take into account the many variables including:
Room specs
Wiring specs
Equipment housing
Power requirement
Audio system
Projection system
Lighting control
Room seating
Room integration

Next comes installation, when the system goes and in, home modifications are made and the programming is perfected.

Finally, there’s upgrade and support. You protect you investment by making sure it stays current and is in optimum shape. You need to find the right professional to make that happen.

But for AMX, it isn’t just the helping you understand the process. A system is nothing if you don’t have the hardware to make it happen. AMX is offering products that will make all your home systems- audio, video, lights, security, off-site control, HVAC simple, easy to use, reliable and affordable. Towards that end, they are rolling out an assortment of new and innovative solutions that are really getting the attention of the industry.

One is the Enova DGX line. Designed to install quickly, it combines the functions of a switcher, controller, analog to digital converter, ethernet control, video scaler and so much more, all in one box. The unit is an integrators dream, as it is quick to set up and friendly to program.

The AMX Modero touch panels are already well known, but the new ModeroX panels offer wide screens, edge to edge glass and other state of the art refinements.
If you want to leverage your existing technology, TPControl will turn your Apple or Android device into a full function AMX controller.
For added security, look to the AMX Metreau Entry Communicator. It’s a video door phone solution that integrates seamlessly with the AMX systems.
When it comes to lighting, AMX partners with the world-famous Lutron line to give you a host of solutions. The Lutron products interface easily with AMX products in a system they call Lutron ClearConnect.

A short blog can’t possibly tell you all the incredible, innovative and surprisingly affordable products and solutions offered by AMX. Before you make a decision about home automation, you owe it to yourself to visit the Simplifymyhome web site and then talk to an authorized AMX dealer like OneTouch Automation. We have the experience, the skills and the support of the AMX team. We’ll help you put together the kind of system that will turn your wish list into a check list. Call us today.