How Far Can Home Theatre Go? Take a Look!

How Far Can Home Theatre Go

We’ve told you that from time to time, we would be doing blogs that were just plain fun. This is one of them. This week, we want to look at Home Theatre.

We’ve looked at the serious side of home theatre new higher definition video screens, how to approach the sound system, storage on media servers, integration into the home control system. All of these are great things, and very practical. In fact it is now hard to find a new home or a major reno that doesn’t have a room set apart for a media/home theatre.

It’s not there to take the place of going to the movies, Theatres are selling more tickets than ever. Home owners are doing it because it’s a different experience from the movies. In a home theatre, there are no strangers sitting behind you loudly discussing the movie, no-one texting their friends, no-one spilling a drink on you as they squeeze past, no need to find parking or go out on a rainy or snowy night. And if you have a good size group, it can be much more cost effective than $14 movie tickets and $10 popcorn.

But what if you want to go all in with your home theatre? What if you have the budget to build the crazy, fantastic home theatre that up until now only existed in your wildest dreams?

This isn’t a new idea. In the 1920’s, hundreds of Atmospheric Theatres were built. Some looked like Mediterranean courtyards or castles from the Middle Ages. They had simulated stars and nights skies, massive pillars and amazing sculptures. Very few of them remain (there is still one near us in Port Hope, Ontario and a huge one surviving in Tampa, Florida). Most were torn down in the 1950’s.

We want you to know that atmospheric theatre in your house is possible. The sky is truly the limit for home theatre. You can make it into the most personal room in your home.

How incredible? Have a look at some of these examples of people putting their vision into a real space. With a combination of decor, theatre-style lighting, props, great design and great technology this is the kind of thing that can be achieved.

Star Wars Death Star Theatre

The Dark Knight Batcave

The Bridge of the Enterprise

Indiana Jones Egyptian Tomb

The Titanic

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

As you can see from these pictures, you can let your imagination run wild. What’s you favourite movie? Do you want to feel like Jack Sparrow on a pirate ship? Do you want to welcome your visitors to Jurassic Park? Would you like to enter the magical world of Harry Potter with a tribute to Hogwarts School? Would a Twilight world of vampires and werewolves be your dream theatre?

There are no boundaries. If this is something you have actually thought about, or if you just want something a little more functional, the pro’s at OneTouch Automation are ready to help. We have the designers, installers, programmers and service people to make any home theatre, no matter how simple or how wild, become a reality. Call us for a consultation or to learn more about how to design your audio visual or automation systems please feel free to contact us.