You’re Never Too Small For Home Automation

You’re Never Too Small For Home Automation

We looked at home automation in condominiums last October, but we felt it would be a good idea to revisit the subject this week. The time for home automation in condominiums is now, but we keep hearing people make the same mistakes about whether it is possible.

Many people want the enhanced lifestyle that comes from a home automation system. They think of it as a nice to have, but something that is not realistic. They say things like I live in a small condo downtown. I don’t have enough space or equipment. I can’t afford it, I don’t need a security system and besides, I’m only going to be here a few years. Why would I install a lot of gear that I can’t take with me?

There are a lot of mistakes in that sentence, and those mistakes are keeping condo owners from enjoying the convenience, security and just plain fun that comes from the automated lifestyle. Today, we are going to look only at the objections condo owners raise, and why those objections don’t apply any more.

Here are the objections we hear every day:

My condo isn’t big enough for this.
Do you have lights? A TV? Do you like music? Do you have your own thermostat? In fact, you probably have all the things that can be controlled by home automation.

You may not need eight zones of audio, but even a one-bedroom can have separate music in the living/dining room, kitchen, bedroom and ensuite. Even a small condo will have a dozen light switches to control. Why not do it conveniently?

Having a smaller space can actually be an advantage It gives you the ability to use all-in-one boxes that include control, amplification, video and audio switching, scaling and much more. Economical to buy and easy to program, they are the perfect solution for the smaller home.

The building already has security.

Condo owners often have active lifestyles away from home. Why not make it so you can keep an eye on your home when you’re out? Ever manage to sneak past security at a condo? Exactly. Imagine if a bad guy did that. That’s why you need the extra security.

I don’t have enough equipment.

Count your remote controls, I-devices and other technology. If it comes to more than five, you have enough equipment.

I can’t afford it

The price of an average condo in the Toronto area where we are located is $389,000. That’s a good sized investment. If you are spending that kind of money, and maybe more, don’t you want to have the home you always wanted? So how much do you need to spend? Basic expandable systems can start from as little as $10,000 installed. The system can then grow with your family’s needs.

I can’t take it with me

The beauty of modern automation equipment is that that there are almost no wires. Most of the equipment is wireless or connected by small cables that can even run along baseboards without making a single hole in the wall. Speakers can be surface mounted. Light switches simply replace the original switches.

If you love your control system but you’re moving to a bigger space, bring it along and expand it. Or why not leave it and use it as selling point for the condo? The condominium resale market is tough. This just might be the thing that helps you sell the place and meet your price.

OneTouch AV has real-world experience with the needs of condominium owners. We can design, install, program and service. Reliability, simplicity, personalization and service second to none. That’s what we’re all about. Whether it’s pre-construction, a new finished unit or retrofit of an older suite, get our expertise and customer care on your side. You’ll be glad you did. If you need any help designing home automation in condominiums please feel free to contact us.