How Television Change Your Life

In the home automation industry, you often hear the word convergence. It’s a very important concept. It’s that place where many different technologies come together and interact with each other. Sometimes it can change our entire lifestyle. Television did that in the 1950’s. It wasn’t just radio with pictures. It changed the entertainment industry, the way our houses were built, the schedule that people operated on and our world view. Sometimes, it got the whole world watching something like a moon landing at the same time.


Now, television is about to take on a whole new function. We are especially aware of this in industry, as it will mean managing many different types of signals and making them accessible to everyone, including people who have no technical skills. But to understand what TV will be, you have to understand what it was. We used to think that TV was something that showed a broadcast signal, and groups of people watched it from a distance of more than three feet. That was not the same as a computer. It showed on-board software or internet signals, and was viewed from closer than three feet. All that has changed. The television is now merging with many technologies that will make it a very different experience. Here are some of the many things your TV is about to do:

TV as the telephone

The emergence of Skype, Xoom has been a game-changer in communication. In the future, you will answer the phone with your touch pad and, if you allow it, it will not be a voice call, it will be an internet video call. Psychologists tell us that video images cause almost as powerful a connection as seeing someone face to face. Seniors are among the fastest growing group using this technology as they realize they can see far off children and grandchildren face to face.

TV as the shopping centre

At a time when retail stores are lucky to grow 1% a year, on-line purchasing is growing at a rate of 8.6% a year. The pace of this may increase as gas prices rise, big box stores go under and delivery systems become more sophisticated.

TV as your classroom

Your television is the lecture hall of the future. On line education is growing at the rate of 12.9% a year, far faster than classrooms. Even the oldest colleges and universities are now offering degree courses on line. Some are offering the chance to do courses on line for free that would cost thousands of dollars if taken in a classroom

TV as your cinema

Home theatre was once a toy for the wealthy few. Now, home theatre is affordable for virtually anyone. The movie industry may be making more money than ever, but it is because of up-charges for things like 3D, not because they are selling more tickets. The new place to watch movies is in your own home. Four-K TV will rival the cinema experience, and the new models will be in wide distribution by this Christmas. Add in Netflix, and your home is your movie house.

TV as your doorbell

Why jump up to answer the front door? Just switch the TV channel to the video door phone, see who’s there, talk to them and then, if you choose, unlock the door from your smart phone. This could be a typical example of how Television Change Your Life!

TV as your arcade

This one is already here, but it’s changing. Cloud gaming could soon make the console obsolete, but will require huge bandwidth. Gesture control will mean you’ll have to design your room to make space for golf, baseball and martial arts in front of the screen.
Games with look-around 360 degree technology (think full motion Google maps) will mean surround video a screen on every wall.

TV as your computer

As people time shift by watching streaming video, watch new programming on YouTube and follow player tweets during the big game, the line between TV and Computer has become increasingly blurred. With wireless keyboards now an inexpensive option, why move to a desk to surf the internet?

All these functions are either here now or just around the corner. So how to you control a device that does this many things, plus regular cable TV and satellite? Simple. You call the professionals at OneTouch Automation. We are the masters at making remote controls disappear and replacing them with touch screens that are easy for anyone to use – from kids to seniors and all ages in between.

Replace all the buttons and hassles with a touch pad that has simple buttons like shopping, Cable TV, Games and YouTube. We give you the power to take this incredible technology and do what you really want to do with it – enjoy it. Talk to your OneTouch representative today. We’ll make TV, and your whole home, into a place where technology makes your life safer, simpler and better.

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