Sometimes, nothing but the best will do. When it comes to media players, media servers and media vaults, there is one name that stands above the rest. That name is Kaleidescape. OneTouch Automation is proud to announce that they have been appointed as a dealer for this premium product.

The concept for Kaleidescape was born in early 2001. A small group of seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs brainstormed the best way to serve up a rich cinematic experience in the home.

The Kaleidescape System

Kaleidescape’s founders began to research everything they could about the motion picture business, licensing, and the technology of digital audio and video to bring their audacious goal to life. This led to their design of the Kaleidescape architecture, several innovative hardware appliances, and the purpose-built software for these products known as KEAOS — the Kaleidescape Entertainment Appliance Operating System.

They discovered that with carefully designed hardware and software they could build a legal system that enables customers to copy their movies to hard disks for immediate playback anywhere in the home. This discovery led to the first Kaleidescape System which was introduced in 2003.

Today, the Kaleidescape experience is unrivaled. The company is known for its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and customer service, and its unique movie server architecture. Kaleidescape Systems are installed in the finest homes and yachts around the globe. The company has also built and maintains one of the largest and most complete databases of information describing movies and music.

OneTouch is pleased that we can now offer this experience to our clients. Here are a few of the products Kaleidescape offers and what they do:


A Kaleidescape server stores an exact digital copy of your Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs and streams movies and music across your household Ethernet to players throughout your home. Kaleidescape’s proprietary RAID-K technology protects against data loss. Multiple servers can work together to store thousands of movies and albums as a single collection.

Disc Vaults

Kaleidescape disc vaults make it fast and easy to add movies and music to your Kaleidescape System. You simply insert as many discs as you like, and walk away. Your Kaleidescape disc vault does the rest. Your discs are automatically copied onto your Kaleidescape System and are ready to be enjoyed throughout your home.

Kaleidescape Players

You’re not limited to one room with a Kaleidescape System. You can expand to as many rooms as you like by adding players. Once you’ve added a Kaleidescape player to a room, you can watch any movie, even while someone else watches a different one or even the same one in another room.

Kaleidescape is an exceptional product that will appeal to the discerning home owner who truly appreciates quality. It can become a key part of a state of the art home automation system. It is the perfect compliment to a top of the line whole home system by Crestron or AMX.

Let OneTouch Automation design that system for you. We can make your dream of a fully automated home into a reality. We turn wish lists into check lists. Call us today for a no-charge consultation and see how easy it can be to get the very best in home automation.

(Thanks to Kaleidescape for the information in this blog. Please visit Kaleidescape website for more about this amazing product line) If you need to design your top quality digital video content or designing your audio visual systems please feel free to contact us.