A Kitchen You’ll Really Love

When people think of intelligent home automation the kitchen isn’t usually the first room that comes to mind. Home theatre is generally the first priority. But the kitchen can be a place where intelligent home automation shines. There are some conveniences you are probably familiar with that can do in the kitchen. Then there are some state of the art options that are so new many companies in the industry don’t even think about them. Let’s look at the way we can spruce up what is often the busiest room in the house.


You want a good speaker system in your kitchen. Why? Think of all the time you spend there and how music can make it better. It could be lively music to make clean-up go faster. It could be romantic music to set the mood as you prepare a candlelight dinner.  Or it could be the news and traffic reports as you eat breakfast before your business day. An audio system controlled by a convenient touch pad or iPhone/iPad should be part of your basic equipment.


In the kitchen? Absolutely! From your favourite afternoon TV shows to calling up a recipe on the internet to pleasing the people who want their morning news on the television, not the radio, you will find that a screen in the kitchen will be in constant use.


Good work light in the kitchen is important, but after the work is done you may not want it that bright. A zoned dimmer system is the answer. Energy efficient LED lights can brighten up the counters, while diffused ceiling lights give you good general illumination. Dim them any way you choose from your touch panel.


Some parts of automating appliances can be very basic. For example, you can put power controls on devices like coffee makers that might be left on by mistake. Not sure if you left it on? Kill the power from anywhere in the world using your smart phone. On the other hand, you can start your coffee maker from the touch screen in the upstairs bedroom and have it ready by the time you get downstairs.

Now we get to some of the newer items. Maybe it’s time you got an internet refrigerator. What’s that?

Internet refrigerators, also called Net Fridges, are basically refrigerators with a connection to the Internet. Some have a full built-in computer complete with hard drive like the LG refrigerator, and others have Internet access through a limited number of applications like the Samsung models. They include a touch screen, speakers, and Wi-Fi connections to the Internet or your home network. Popular applications include: Memo writing, calendar scheduling (great for meal planning), accessing online and personal recipes, weather reports, listening to music and notification of low or expiring foods. Because of their connection to the internet, they can be integrated into you whole home system. The LG model will actually analyze what’s inside the refrigerator and suggest recipes based on what’s on hand. Once you have the recipe, the refrigerator can automatically pass the instructions on to your Smart Oven. The oven can also be monitored and controlled from off site by any smart device.

Biometric Drawers and Cupboards

We are now arriving at the leading edge of kitchen technology in intelligent home. There is no need to pull cupboards and drawers open and shut. Touch the drawer or wave your hand and the door or drawer will open. The best known manufacturer of these systems is Anvil Motion, but other companies are getting into the business. Want to control access to a cupboard that has sharp knives, poisonous household products or alcohol? Add a biometric scanner to restrict access to only the people who can be trusted. Other features include an ‘intelligent memory’ that senses the need to close multiple drawers and reverses the opening order, and the ability to program cabinets to close as you exit the kitchen. Like all the devices we have talked about, touch screen control is also possible.

You may be thinking that you’ve been getting along fine with your kitchen the way it is, and you don’t need any of these “luxury” features. But when you think about it, not long ago dishwashers and microwave ovens were only found in the homes of the wealthiest people. Your kitchen has already had many updates since your parent’s day, and the technology will continue to change. If you’re doing a major home renovation, you may be replacing appliances anyway. Let this be your opportunity to get in front of the technology and give yourself a kitchen that will be a conversation starter and the envy of your neighbours. Let the pros at OneTouch AV advise you on what technology is best for your electronic lifestyle. We are the experts in design, installation and service of intelligent home systems, including dream kitchens. Call us today.

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