New digital content protection laws will soon make it impossible to watch the same content in more than one room at the same time.
Remember when you first got your entertainment system?
Remember how easy it was to enjoy movies, TV and music in multiple rooms at the same time?
That’s not quite so easy now. Why?

DM Residential Home Owner

DM Residential Home Owner

In a word, “digital”. Or, more specifically, hanging onto an outdated analog system in a digital world.

✓✓True HD video and sound

✓✓Access to all available content, such as streaming media

✓✓The ability to browse, search and play all content from any room

✓✓The ability to watch or listen to the same content in multiple rooms at the same time

✓✓3D video

✓✓Channel surfing, without the annoying delay between channels

You may be living with minor annoyances now. But, soon, stricter digital content protection laws will make your current home entertainment system unbearable.

Upgrade to Crestron DigitalMedia to get the memorable experience from the best entertainment system possible, along with the convenience, reliability, and simplicity that you once enjoyed with your old system.


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Crestron DigitalMediaâ„¢ – When it comes to digital AV networks entertainment system there’s no contest

When HDMI emerged more than six years ago, Crestron didn’t sit on the sidelines. We immediately embraced digital AV as the future of our industry. Introduced in 2009, Crestron DigitalMedia™ was, and remains, the only complete, end-to-end digital AV network solution. Perfection isn’t something you wait for…you work for it.

1.      Proven solution

Crestron is the only company with years of experience, thousands of successful installations and more than 500,000 digital connecting points.

2.      Team of over 10,000 certified support technicians

Crestron is the only company with over 10,000 engineers, designers, installers and technicians – all certified in digital media – who are ready to support you.

3. Complete, end-to-end digital solution

The only digital product line that delivers a complete, engineered, end-to-end digital solution. A complete solution must include wall-plates, table transmitters, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, DSP input/output cards, receivers with a built-in power amplifier, analog (VGA) support locally in the chassis, and HDMI accessories such as the HD-Scaler. No other solution offers a complete line of products that are designed to flawlessly work together.

4.  Full line of small & large matrix switchers

Only Crestron has a full array of switchers ranging from 6×4, 6X6 & 8×8 for smaller projects, to 16×16 & 32×32 for large scale installations.

5. Integrated copper & fiber outputs on the same platform

Only Crestron provides a fully integrated HDCP compliant fiber solution that also can be mixed and matched with copper on the same matrix. To learn more about Crestron DigitalMedia or your entertainment system capability visit Plug into Crestron Digital Media