Controllable or motorized window coverings are essential to modern home


You’re redecorating, or moving into a new home or condo. You have to cover your windows anyway. You could put up old fashioned blinds or curtains, just like people have for hundreds of years. But smart home owners are realizing that the benefits of motorized controllable window coverings can be yours for little more than the price of a good quality regular drapes.
It’s the motors that make the difference. By attaching window coverings to motorized rollers and tracks, you can command them from a hand held remote, touch screen or iPhone.

While they can be used in almost any home, controllable window coverings are especially well suited to house with
Large windows
Many windows
Second-story openings
Windows blocked by furniture
There are many benefits to using motorized shades. Let’s look at some:

Save your floors and furniture: You fine furniture and floors can be subjected to fading and yellowing from the bleaching action of the the sun. Controllable window coverings can be programmed to follow the sun and protect your home from sunlight.

Save money: Window coverings are an important part of your climate control system. They limit or maximize sun exposure and form an important form of insulation on the windows, the place where most heat is lost in a home. Blinds with foil linings can be used to reflect the sun’s rays, while blinds with air pockets can provide amazing warmth in cold weather.

Enjoy your privacy: With dual shade systems, you can see everything outside during the day and then use opaque blind for complete privacy at night. By using side channels on the window frames, you can even achieve total blackout anywhere you want it.

Enjoy your home entertainment more: Controllable window covering are an essential part of a top quality home entertainment system. They can be adjusted during the day to keep glare off a TV screen. At night, opaque blinds give you total lighting control and total privacy. Imagine the fun of having controllable drapes in front of your giant home theatre screen that part automatically at show time.

Convenience: What a great feeling at the end of the day to simply take out your touch screen remote and close every shade and curtain in your home with the touch of one button.

Child Safety: Beyond aesthetics, injury and death from entanglement in shade control cords is a very real concern. The best solution is to eliminate cords, made possible by motorized shades. Automated shade systems can even operate on a timer customized to your child’s sleeping habits.

There’s no limit to what you can do with controllable window coverings. Several types of track and rollers are available for drapes, curtains, awnings, roman and balloon shades. Virtually any type of window covering can be used. Motors are invisible as they are built in the head rails or tucked into the tube inside the frame of the window.

The latest twist is to have the window coverings work in concert with the room lighting. After all, with OneTouch automated control, the lights and shades are all part of the same system. For example, the lights should also turn off when the shades close to completely darken the room. Or, if you like to watch sports in a well lit room, the programmer can create a TSN command that opens the shades and sets the lights to a preset intensity. You can have a completely different preset for playing cards or watching movies – whatever fits your entertainment life style.

OneTouch Automation is your first choice for controllable window coverings. Our certified window covering designers are there to help you with all your needs. Not only is OneTouch a dealer for the world famous Lutron products, we are also excited to be helping to introduce the new Creston window coverings. Featuring the new low voltage Quiet Motor Technology, Crestron® shades are silent, operate smoothly and combine precise control of electric light and daylight from touch screens, keypads, remotes and Apple® or Android® smart devices. Crestron Shading Solutions include a limited lifetime warranty

Whether it’s Creston®, Lutron® or another solution you have in mind, contact the Home Automation professionals at OneTouch AV for all your controllable window covering needs.