It’s time to automate

It’s time to do Home automation

You’ve probably heard people say. “I’m not going to waste my money on home automation. I hear there’s new products being developed and I’m going to wait for them to come out before I buy. Why should I buy technology that’s going to be out of date soon?”

They probably think they’re being smart consumers, but there are a lot of reasons this is the wrong choice. It might be true if you were buying some of the earliest, cheapest kinds of home automation (like the ones that use the wiring in your house to carry the signal). But when you look at a true whole home automation system from one of the top manufacturers, there has never been a better time to buy. Here are some of the reasons you should be making the move right now:

Prices have already come down

Because of competition in the industry and the huge growth in the number of customers, home automation has never been so affordable. The price of a whole home system has come down dramatically in only the last few years. But it has hit a plateau that manufacturers can’t go below without compromising on quality. You can be confident that the price you pay now will be the same price you would pay in a couple of years.

Home Automation has caught up with your technology

Do you have a refrigerator that writes your grocery list, or fully motorized kitchen drawers? Probably not, and you probably have no plans to get them for many years. The current generation of home automation is perfectly suited to the life you are living right now controlling security, adjusting climate control, giving you smart phone control of your house from off site, controlling all aspects of home entertainment. This is the real world that you live in, and home automation is ready to safely reliably and affordably control everything you use now and everything you will be using in the near future.

Quality home automation products are incredibly Future Friendly

Today’s home automation products are not like the old fashioned on-off switches of the first generation controllers. What you are purchasing is a system that is driven by highly sophisticated software and firmware. The same way you upgrade the operating system in your pad, laptop or smartphone, your home automation system is ready to be upgraded for whatever the future will bring. Top companies like Crestron® produce technology that is unmatched in its ability to adapt to new devices and new uses. There are ten year old Crestron Series 2 controllers operating devices that didn’t even exist when Crestron built the controller. That’s what future forward technology does for you, It makes your home automation system a long-term investment, not an expense.

Money has never been so cheap

Many home owners take the option of financing their home automation system, often on a home equity line of credit. We are enjoying some of the lowest interest rates in history. Wise consumers know this is a great opportunity to make a purchase that will enhance their lifestyle for years to come and to pay for it as they use it with almost no interest.

There is never a wrong time to help the environment

We are all conscious of the environmental cost of generating electricity and heating our homes. Home automation is environmentally responsible. It is not just “greenwashing.” You will use less electricity and less fuel when your home is automated. That’s a fact. Why would you wait to show that kind of positive example to your children?

What price do you put on your family’s safety?

Most people now know the enhanced benefits to security that home automation provides. The ability to automatically alert the authorities, whether you’re home or not: Automated lighting that gives all your family members more comfort: State of the art glass break and motion sensing alarms that protect you 24/7. Do you want to wait until the security of your home has been violated, or do you want to be proactive and use all the technology available to make sure your possessions, and more important, your loved ones. are as safe as they can be?

If you wait for the latest model, you’ll never own anything

If people waited until technology was perfect, no-one would have ever bought a car or a television. Technology doesn’t need to be perfect to be good value. Instead, you should ask these questions. Is the technology proven? Is it at a fair price? Will I get years of service from it? If technology changes, will this change and adapt along with it? Home automation technology passes all these tests with flying colours. There has never been a better time to give yourself the electronic lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

The next step is to chose the right partner to make your wish list into a check list. The experts at OneTouch Automation are ready to help. Let us design and install a whole home system that perfectly suits your needs and your budget. If you need help designing your smart home systems please Call us today. To learn more review Crestron Home