Lighting Solutions

Proper Lighting solutions turns a regular room into a vibrant space. Lights contributes to our modes – our emotional wellness. Using the Crestron Home™ smart home platform, customizable lighting control is simple and smart. Best of all – you help the planet by saving energy.

Crestron Home™ gives almost unlimited ability to coordinate lighting with other sub-systems in your space. Logically connect Lighting to Heating and cooling, Audio, Video, Shading and Security. With just one touch of a button, everything is set exactly as you like. An example would be, you press the button Movie. Your system is smart to understand which lights to turn off, which ones to Dim, bringing the window shades down, turning the TV/projector, routing the video and audio, keeping the path lights or exit path illuminated.

There are categories of Lighting Solutions:

  1. Wireless Lighting Solutions
  2. Wired or Centralized Lighting Solutions

Wireless Lighting Solutions

Wireless Lighting Solutions

Wireless dimmers are easy-to-install. Just replace the existing regular light switch with a Wireless dimmer. No rewiring. That’s it – now you have a smart lighting system. You can control the lights, schedule when to turn on and off, Dim the lights, Set the mode and whole lots of other things. Simple to manage lighting controls – No Coding or programming is required. Just download® the app.

Wired Lighting Solutions

Wired Lighting Solutions

Generally Wired lighting provides the most automation control, with the least impact on décor. Wired lighting is more applicable when a major renovation is planned or building a new space. Wired lighting makes it easier to use keypads with multiple buttons replacing rows of traditional light switches. A simple Keypad makes the wall clutter free. Interior Designers and Architects prefer clutter free wall.

Wireless Lighting Control Products

Crestron® Wireless Horizon® Dimmers, Switches, and Keypads
Crestron Wireless Cameo® Dimmers and Switches
Lamp Dimmers and Switches
CrestronHome app to control Lights

Wired or Centralized Lighting Control Products

CrestronHome app to control Lights
In-Wall Wired Keypads
Automation Enclosures
Switching and Motor Control

Dimming modules are in the Electrical room

Wired or Centralized Lighting Control requires Dimming modules to be inside an enclosure in the Electrical room. Each of the lighting loads are connected to this dimming modules. As a result no dimmers are required on the wall, keypads are used to control the lights. Keypads are low voltage device with configurable buttons. They can control lights, fans, motors or any other loads in the house from anywhere. Smart phone or Tablet can be used for controls too.

Using Crestron Home app easily control lighting to set the perfect lighting mood

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