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Creating spaces that enhance the human experience

You rush to the airport with entire family for a long awaited vacation. Suddenly you can’t remember – did you lock the doors? Are lights off? Is Thermostat set to low? Are all the Shades lowered? Is security system activated? Is your house on Vacation mode?

Well, Smart Home is to the rescue. All you need to remember is, bring your smart phone with you. You do a check of your entire home while waiting in the airport lounge. Keep an eye while enjoying the vacation and great outdoors.

  • Keep your loved ones Safe

  • Never a wrong time to help the environment

  • Home automation has never been so affordable

  • Quality home automation products are Future Friendly


Motorized Shade

The idea of being watched in your office or home by a prowler just waiting to pounce is terrifying.

Automated Shades is where safety and comfort walks hands in hand! Let the Shade close right after the Sunset.

With the help of astronomical clock, your home or office automation system knows when to close or open your shade.

Or you can control them whenever you want with a simple One Touch! Get in touch

Security solutions

Ones safety and security is a key element in today’s modern life. OneTouch Audiovisual design can support numerous types of security systems.

There are security systems available without paying monthly monitoring fees or with monthly monitoring fees.

Crime is on the rise in many areas of our country. Burglaries occur every 13 seconds somewhere.

Send us a message and we will get in touch to learn more about your security needs.


Old CD’s in your collection? It takes less than five minutes to add your old CD to your digital Music collection including metadata, cover art and all the relevant info.

Imagine having your entire music collection hosted on one intelligent device, with the ability to stream Music or play any track, album, or playlist in seconds using one touch of a button on your touch screen.

Play it in one room or throughout the space using your audiovisual automation system.

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Classrooms, Auditorium
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Presentation facilities

For a complete 4K AV presentation solution for boardrooms and classrooms - DMPS3-4K series is All-in-one Presentation Systems from Crestron®.

DMPS3 integrates the control system, matrix switcher, video scaler, streaming decoder, mic mixer, audio DSP, amplifier, and DigitalMedia distribution center all in one single package.

Built-in AirMedia® gateway to enable wireless presentation from computers and mobile devices. Get information package

Intelligent lighting

On your front hallway light’s can automatically turn on when the door is opened to illuminate your path.

A benefit to everyone. Or turn off lights with a single button press on your way out.

Occupancy sensor can activate lights which are beneficial to people and saves energy and help fight climate change.

Send us a message and we will get in touch to learn more about your needs to automate.

Climate control

Ultimate comfort integrated in your finger tips!

You can easily adjust entire space Entertainment, Lighting, Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning from the comfort of your bed to improve your safety, comfort and convenience using Home automation systems.

Expand your current system’s usability and make life easier for people of all abilities. Crestron® Climate Control solutions enhance home automation to its best.

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Board room, Meeting rooms
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Meetings room solutions

Collaboration with success. CRESTRON® FLEX Video conferencing, content sharing, scheduling and support integrated into one platform.

Personal office, Small room, Medium room or Large room, Crestron® Flex is a solution for every space.

Crestron® Flex helps you keep everyone seamlessly and securely connected.

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Streaming Video

Streaming video in 1080p or 4K throughout your space using Crestron® is the time-tested proven digital solution in the industry to bring True HD in your daily life.

From Broadcast to Streaming Media “everything is digital. Is your entertainment system Digital?

Blu-ray Disc®, cable/satellite TV, Apple TV®, Netflix®, and Hulu® Plus all are fully digital.

To know how you can distribute digital video in your space, send us a quick note

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is no longer a luxury. Therefore, you can implement it in a very cost effective way, remotely monitor your automation system or security cameras from anywhere in the world securely.