Audio Visual Installation

Audio Visual Installation

OneTouch AV has been designing and installing Audio Visual systems since 2010. Our experience will help with your audio visual installation to avoid errors commonly incurred by the inexperienced installers.

At OneTouch we offer:


  • Centralized lighting solutions
    • Lighting Design, LED & others
    • Lighting Installation
    • Integrated Lighting Control


  • Automated Shade
    • Motorized Custom Quiet Shade
    • Manual Custom Shade


  • Security Solutions
    • Surveillance Systems
    • Remote Management


  • Telephone Systems
    • IP telephony
    • Cable Installations


  • Network Install
    • Structured Wiring & Network Solutions
    • Network Security Hardware/Software
    • Network A/V integration


  • Software Development Services for audio visual systems


So based on our past experience this is the area where many A/V companies comes short, an efficient and hassle-free Audio visual installation is not easy to find. Because we care about our clients, here is what sets us apart from our competition:


Are you getting the “cable company” treatment from your current provider? “We’ll be there Wednesday or Thursday sometime between 8am and 5pm”? We recognize how valuable your time is and we set a specific date and time with you to begin your project.


There is very little that our technicians are not able to install for you but if there is, we’ll be up front about it. But you can be assured the rest of your equipment will be installed up to the highest standard. It will be installed correctly, safely and efficiently. End of the process we will provide you with the

  1. ‘As Built Drawings and documentation’
  2. Software Source Code
  3. User training
  4. An up-to-date information package for your system for service, troubleshooting and insurance purposes.


Our installers are ambassadors of our company and will treat you, your staff, other trades on-site and any other stakeholders they may come into contact with, with the utmost in professionalism and respect. We clean our work site daily and remove any waste/packaging as well. We treat your space like our own, not just a job site!


We stand behind our work with warranty. If it isn’t right we will fix it – guaranteed.
Would you find a company who will pick up your phone call on Saturday evening? Well, we will not only pick up the phone on Saturday evening, we will also show up to resolve any critical issues if you may have.

We encourage you to try OneTouch AV for your next audio visual install to experience the difference.

To review our audio visual design practices, you may read AV Design in the digital age.

To enjoy OneTouch AV, please feel free to call 416 477 2154 or E-mail our office to setup your free no obligation consultation.