Audio Visual Maintenance Service T & C (“Terms”)

Last Amended: March 11, 2020

Audio visual installations and equipment supplied by OneTouch are built for remarkable performance and unparalleled reliability, but for the perfect performance day in and day out it must be ensured that the equipment is properly maintained by regular cleaning, adjustment, Firmware update etc. This is particularly important for those very intensive applications in the audiovisual systems.

Your audio visual installation is a vital part of your AV automation.

Audio Visual Maintenance service is one of those understated services operating quietly in the background. No one will notice that the equipment is working at peak performance everyday but just wait for the first time 20 people arrive for the special event and music does not play!

The OneTouch AV Preventative Maintenance Program is probably the most comprehensive maintenance program available in the industry today. The program was recently redesigned to take into account all the benefits of the new technology used in the audio visual automation systems. Today, the equipment is more complex, more reliable, considerably better value, used 24/7 and often has to work with more varied accessories.  As a result we have placed more emphasis upon preventative maintenance and ensure that your equipment works at peak performance. The program features, 24/7 response, four maintenance visits a year for cleaning and adjustment, a 4 hour response service, loaner equipment, priority technical support, replacement equipment.

Clients that have budgeted for our maintenance program can be certain that they will not receive unwelcome surprises along the way – we take care of everything at a competitive price recognizing today’s economic reality.

You have invested your hard earned dollars to automate your office, home, cottage and classrooms – Make sure you protect your investment for a few dollars more. By doing regular audio visual maintenance service you are increasing the lifespan and reliability of your equipment. There are not much of a differences in maintaining the roof of a building or maintaining the audio visual equipment. In a mission critical installations – if your system doesn’t work what’s the value of your investment? Imagine you have an investor’s meeting and your presentation system doesn’t work in the board room!

  1. Scope of Services
    OneTouch Automation will provide preventative maintenance services as summarized in Appendix 1.
  2. Equipment
    As specified in Appendix 2 attached to this Agreement.
  3. Equipment Location
    All items are located at the Customer’s address as stated above, and/or as otherwise outlined in Appendix 3.
  4. Term
    The Term of this Agreement shall commence from the Effective Date as specified at (1) above.
    Should the Customer terminate the Agreement prior to expiry of the Term then OneTouch Automation shall not be obliged to refund any amount of the charge for any unused part of the Term.
  5. Automatic Renewal
    This agreement will always extend for a further successive term of 180 days if this contract is not previously terminated by the customer by providing OneTouch Automation 90 day’s notice via email or mail in writing.
  6. Payment
    The Initial Administration Fee is $99.
    The charge for the provision of Preventative Maintenance Service for the 1 year period of this Agreement is $999.00 plus HST. Charges are payable at the beginning of the term of this agreement and any successive renewal terms thereafter. Maintenance services will be suspended and the time lost if the customer defaults a required payment during the term of this agreement. Such payment may be for, (but not limited to), “No fault found” charges, renewal fees and replacement part charges.
  7. Preventative Maintenance Coverage
    This Agreement covers preventative maintenance service calls between the hours of 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday excluding Government and other public holidays.
    Outside of these hours preventative maintenance service is available with scheduled planning.
  8. Emergency Response Time.
    The emergency telephone response time is 2-4 working hours from receipt of the Customer’s request. At this time an engineer will try to determine the fault and rectify it over the telephone or on-site with the help of the client.

OneTouch will make best efforts to attend the customer site and begin rectification of the fault within 8 work day hours. At this time if the fault cannot be rectified then at the customer’s request a unit of similar or better performance will be immediately loaned and installed (when possible) whist the original unit is being repaired back at our workshop or in the manufacturer’s facility.

  1. No Fault found.
    Should a technician determine that equipment malfunction was as a result of user error, maltreatment of the equipment, or lack of operator knowledge then the engineer will log the emergency as “No fault found” and the user will be charged $149, for the time and materials expended in travel and trying to determine the fault. First call will be no charge.
  2. Repair work for item outside of supplier warranty.
    Repair and remedial work for items out of warranty are charged at the current standard charge rate of $85.5 per hour.
  3. Preventative Maintenance Visits
    During each full year of the Agreement OneTouch Automation personnel shall make 3 visits to the Customer’s site where the Equipment is located as specified at paragraph (6) above, for the purposes of carrying out Preventative Maintenance Services on all of the Equipment as defined in Appendix 4.
    Such visits shall be at times as agreed in Appendix 5.
  4. Replacement Parts
    It is assumed that all items are covered by the manufacturer warranty during the term of this agreement.
    Therefore, replacement parts for the equipment are covered by the Manufacturer Warranty.
    The cost of repair or replacement items are borne by the CUSTOMER upon the expiry of the Manufacturer Warranty unless specified otherwise.
    Manufacturer warranties applicable for this agreement are listed in Appendix 6.

The Standard Terms and Conditions
The Standard Terms and Conditions set out attached are incorporated into and form part of this Agreement.

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