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Proper lighting turns an ordinary room into an extraordinary and vibrant space. Lights contributes to our modes, our physical and emotional wellness. Using the Crestron Home™ smart home platform, customizable lighting control is cost-effective, simple and smart. Best of all – you help the planet by saving energy.

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Integrated Lighting Systems: All dimming modules are inside an enclosure in an electrical room. Requires wiring from loads to go to central dimming modules unlike traditional switch. In a New Home before electrical work begins this type of integrated lighting system is designed.

Stand-Alone Lighting Controls: It sounds like stand-alone but these are also integrated. Stand-alone means, each traditional switch to be replaced with a smart dimming switch. These smart dimmers are integrated wirelessly and via programming. In any existing infrastructure these type of dimmers can be installed.

To select multiple units from smart device just Tap. From computer, press and hold control Key while selecting multiple units.

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