We have provided audio visual consulting services for many clients in many types of situations. Some questions that will help determine if you could benefit from our audio visual consulting services include:

  • Do you have an aging fleet of installed A/V equipment?
  • Are you considering a major shift from an older technology to a new one? ie. from a TV remote to an iPAD for control? or a touch screen?
  • Are you building a new home? Why not take advantage of our audio visual consulting services to design your system for future implementation?
  • Do you want to retro-fit your home? Do you want integrated lighting and motorized shade? Our audio visual consulting services is free. You can decide which company to hire, we will give you unbiass best audio visual consulting services at no cost to you.
  • Are you thinking of Crestron Home automation? or AMX is your favourite control system?

OneTouch automation can help you decide on the best path for you to follow. We take a full inventory of what you have, identify the good and the bad, examine new technologies available, select the best fit for your home and create a plan for you to implement it.

[dropcap2]call[/dropcap2]To enjoy OneTouch home automation solution or to explore the options, please feel free to call us at 416 477 2154 or email our office to setup your no obligation in-home consultation.