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Can you integrate motorized shade with automation system?2021-10-04T19:00:35-04:00

Yes, major brands are mostly compatible with the automation system. If you want to know exactly which companies motorized shades specific model works with which automation system, you may need to do further research by calling the relevant company or you may contact us.

Crestron® motorized shades works with Crestron Home™ natively. Crestron native automation feature takes away all the headache of integration.

Some Somfy® motorized shade is compatible with Crestron® control systems. Check with Somfy about specific details or talk to us or any system integrator.
Lutron® integrates with Crestron Home™ specifically, RA2. Check with Lutron about specific details or talk to us or any system integrator.Hunter Some Douglas Hunter® motorized shade allows integration with Crestron® control system. Check with Hunter Douglas about specific details or talk to us or any system integrator.

How easy it is to install motorized Shade?2021-10-04T18:48:03-04:00

Some of them are fairly easy to install. I can install a 14 ft wide Crestron® motorized shade in 30 minutes. Some are a bit complicated to install. As you may consider getting it installed by a professional installer – we will skip all the details about install part.

What Is Your Basic Non-Emergency Call Out Fee?2021-09-26T14:50:49-04:00

Please visit our fee structure for fees. Generally our minimum non-emergency call out fee is onsite time + 1 hour for driving or minimum 2 hours charge.

Do You Offer A Discount For The Elderly?2021-09-26T14:49:57-04:00

Yes, we do provide 10% discount for the Elderly and Disabled.

Can You Arrange For Any Construction Work If Required?2021-09-26T14:49:25-04:00

We can recommend expert trade whom we worked before and known to be professional in their trade. You will need to take their interview and sign contract directly with them. We do not take any responsibility for 3rd party works.

Do You Provide Clean-Up After New Installations?2021-09-26T14:48:25-04:00

Yes, it is part of our scope of work. We will clean-up our work area to make sure it is similarly clean as it was before our arrival.

Will You Remove Your Footwear In My Home?2021-09-26T14:47:56-04:00

Yes we do remove our footwear in a finished home. If the home is under construction, for safety we will keep the safety footwear.

Do You Remove Old equipments?2021-09-26T14:47:10-04:00

Yes, we remove old equipment’s and install new ones to provide exact or much better functionality.

Can You Complete Large Scale Commercial Installations?2021-09-26T14:46:32-04:00

Yes, we did some large scale AV installation project contracted for $3.25 million.

Do You Undertake Insurance Work?2021-09-26T14:46:07-04:00

Yes, we do undertake insurance work. Our workmanship is guaranteed.

How Much Do Your Care Plans Cost?2021-09-26T14:45:37-04:00

We have 20+ years of experience. We only charge for exact parts and services, no hidden fees. Please check our fee structure to check the care plans cost.

Which Areas Do You Cover?2021-09-26T14:43:36-04:00

Greater Toronto Area. To be more specific, the GTA is divided into 5 regions:
Durham Region
Halton Region
Peel Region
Toronto Region
York Region

Is There A Fee For Your Emergency Callout Service?2021-09-26T14:39:30-04:00

Our customer service, maintenance specialists and expert service technician make up our dedicated responsive Services team.

Yes, there is a fee for Callout service.

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