Home automation history for us started in the early 2000 when Naz started his audio visual career. At that time there were no iPAD or smart phones. Home automation was in early stage. Control systemwas expensive and widely used in the corporate environment using Gray scale touch screen. Boardroom presentation systems, Audio Conferencing and Video Conference systems were popular.

Our Home automation history is relatively short. We experienced, learned, evolved, and on the journey of continuous learning.

Today’s home automation history bears a remarble milestone. Home automation system has become integral part ofthe modern life. Elctronic lifestyle is a standard of living. It is no longer only for the few, home automation system is now affordable. 80″ TV is no longer $55,000.00 dollar, now it is less than $5,000.00

The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly due to affordability and simplicity through smartphone and tablet connectivity. Today’s home automation history is close tomagic! If we look at today’s technological advancements,home automation history is more than just fun:

At Home

You don’t need multiple remotes just to watch television, or a wall filled with switches and knobs that takes you2-3 tries to find the right light. Take control of your home with just one button press from a sleektouch screen, designer engraved keypad or your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or Androidâ„¢ device.

Today’s Home automation history is technological marvel. The Smart Home is no longer the dream of science fiction writers, it’s now a reality.

At Work

Whether you need to control an AV presentation, video conference or update your digital signage, add room sensors and set presets for shades to control daylight harvesting and only use lights as they are needed. Book an available conference room that has the technology and space you need, directly from Outlook or on your web browser. There are no limitations to keep your organization on the cutting-edge, increase efficiencies and lower costs – Crestron® has a control system to keep you connected

At School

Enhance curriculum through easy-to-use technology for teaching professionals. From one touch on an intuitive touch screen to play a DVD, use a document camera, or present a PowerPoint from the PC. Crestron makes it easy for instructors to use classroom technology, and for IT managers to support hundreds of rooms through the standard IP network.

At Play

Add the Crestron control app to your mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, laptop or MacBook® and show off to your friends all that you can do from the golf course or even the beach. Notice how the museum you went to this weekend has the same touchscreen on the wall that you have in your house. Everywhere you are, whatever you need, with Crestron you’re connected.

What are you waiting for?

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