Company Profile

OneTouch Automation is a custom audiovisual and home automation solutions provider. Technology is propelling our dynamic solutions. We’re focusing on technologies that help improve our lifestyle you always wanted, you may have seen the automation in movies or high-end homes, we make it affordable for you. Our relatively small footprint allows us to be much more dynamic than our competition.

Our philosophy of smart home design is that your home should be comfortable, pleasant, safe and usable by everyone in your family, be it your children, you or your spouse, aging parents or person with a disability. The use of modern technology and automation can help create living spaces that are convenient and energy efficient, more greener, more secure, protects you and your family, minimize the potential for accidents and result in a house that is able to adapt to life’s changes — whether caused by changing family composition or the changing abilities of family members.

Company Roots We trace our beginnings to 2000 in audiovisual and automation industry. OneTouch has risen by learning from our years of experience, with a number of senior technology experts coming together to create this new exciting company.

Benefits of using OneTouch Automation: Personalized services. We will work around your schedule to facilitate a smooth home building experience. You are not just another project to us, your satisfaction is our mission. Our compact physical space allows us to keep our overhead cost low and pass on those savings to you. Our inventory is constantly turned over and refreshed, meaning you always have access to the latest and greatest A/V equipment available. Our small sales team means you get consistent and familiar service, time after time, every time. From initiation to closeout, OneTouch, one team, always there, whenever you need. Our expert technical team makes it easier to stay on top of the latest trends and offer you the cutting edge solutions you are looking for. Being small makes our back-office highly efficient, which help us meeting the time-line. We work with you to customize your needs on your terms. Our goal is not clearing the inventory; Our goal is to design your system to meet your current expectations and being capable of adapting to your lifestyle. Your satisfaction is our #1 mission. OneTouch Automation in collaboration with McGee Energy intends to provide green energy to its AV installation in Ontario homes.

You may consider to have complete Home Automation system using green energy. Our typical residential roof-top solar system can produce approximately 10kW or less green energy. You may use the solar energy to support your home or you may decide to connect to the grid and supply the energy to Ontario Government under MicroFIT program.

Environment and Safety As a small company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work. Our compact physical footprint means a small ecological footprint. To see how OneTouch is more eco-conscious than the competition, please give us a call. Our Work We take pride in our workmanship. We only provide the best elements – senior personnel, the most popular product lines, industry best practices, guaranteed satisfaction. What Can Home Automation Do? Increase your independence and give you greater control of your home environment Make it easier to communicate with your family Save you time, effort and money Improve your personal safety Reduce your heating and cooling costs Increase your home’s energy efficiency Alert you audibly and visually to emergency situations Allow you to monitor your home while you are away.

[dropcap2]call[/dropcap2]To enjoy OneTouch Automation, please feel free to call 416 477 2154 or E-mail our office to setup your free no obligation in-home consultation.