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Handheld RF Remote

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One remote to manage whole lot of things. Unlike other remotes – this one is not only for changing TV channels or line of sight one device only. While you are watching TV in the Basement you can turn off Upper floor lights or close the shades.

Elegant, ergonomic, and rugged design Crestron® remote uses Ultra-reliable infiNET EX® Wireless Technology. Its 2-way RF communications works throughout a residential or commercial building. Built-in Movement Sensor, Long Battery life, Backlit Tactile Buttons and feature rich remote is light weight and uses regular AAA alkaline batteries.

You can program 9 buttons and assign your favorite functions. Movement sensing wakes the remote.

  • Movement Sensor, Backlit Tactile Buttons elegant remote
  • Ultra-reliable infiNET EX wireless technology remote
  • Long Battery Life: Under typical usage, can operate for six months
  • Sends low battery alerts to your mobile device, computer or help desk
  • Setup – First-time setup by a certified technician.

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Start with the Crestron® Handheld RF Remote and unleash the incredible power to manage everything in your home from anywhere inside your home. This Powerful RF wireless Handheld Remote is guaranteed to give you enjoyable environment throughout the house.

9 assignable buttons
9 buttons which come pre-labeled for basic AV source selection and lighting control. These 9 buttons can be replaced with custom-labeled buttons, allowing sources and scenes to be designated by name, and assigning additional functionality for other things like room selection, shade and drapery control, climate control, or anything else. The area above these buttons is also engravable to allow the remote to be labeled with a room name or other designation.

Crestron® Home™ is a smart platform to manage facilities in your home with comfort and convenience. It also help you save money by scheduling to Turn off the lights or equipment when they are not being used.

Handheld Remote which works

Crestron® Handheld RF Remote is an elegant, customizable wireless controller designed for use in whole home, theaters, bedrooms, hotel rooms, boardrooms, and many other applications. Ruggedized for durability, the Remote offers exceptional comfort and ergonomics for one-handed use.

Crestron® High-powered infiNET EX® wireless performance provides dependable RF connectivity throughout home or commercial facility. Remote Button backlighting provides excellent legibility in darkened rooms.

Set of buttons provides quick access to everything you need to watch TV, listen to music, navigate menus, and browse through titles. Each button is labeled using text and icons for intuitive operation.

Exceptional Quality Remote

OneTouch AV can help you decide on the best path to saving money for your smart home control systems. We always propose systems which has no monthly fees. Your requirements and budget is our first priority. We do not design your system to clear our inventory, we design based on your needs.

With Newer Crestron Home™, your home becomes more secure and convenient.


White LED backlighting behind all button labels

Light Sensor

Photosensor detects the ambient light level to enable the backlight if the room is dark

Movement Sensor

Accelerometer detects if the remote is picked up or moved, wakes the remote from sleep mode, and turns on the backlight if the room is dark

Wireless Communication

Crestron® RF Transceiver infiNET EX® 2-way RF, IEEE 802.15.4 compliant, AES-128 encryption


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