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Multiroom audio distribution



Newest Crestron Home™ controller
Whole Home Stereo Amplifier

Multiroom Audio Distribution Pak Blue Garden

Crestron® Home™ is the top-notch time-tested intelligent platform to manage your home with ease. Multiroom Audio Distribution Pak Blue Garden includes a luxury Crestron® solution at an affordable price.

Start with a small multiroom audio distribution system and unleash the magnificent power to manage the whole home. Gone are the days of searching for the perfect home automation and Multiroom Audio Distribution at an affordable price. Now you can afford a smart home with Multiroom Audio Distribution system. It is easy setup and maintain. A Tap to play music everywhere in your home, turn on the lights, lower the shades or secure your home.

  • Newest high‑performance multicore Control System for Whole House
  • Cost-effective Multiroom Audio Distribution system with 12×8 stereo matrix switcher
  • Powerful 12-channel integrated Amp 50 Watts/Ch. @ 8Ω or 75 Watts/Ch. @ 4Ω
  • Great sound quality 5.25″ 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers with Woofers
  • Setup – First-time setup by a certified technician.

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Crestron® Home™ is the time-tested super intelligent platform to manage everything in the home to save money and increase comfort. Multiroom audio distribution system includes a luxury Crestron® solution at a budget price.

Multiroom audio distribution system integrated power amp provides ample power for up to 6 rooms. 12 stereo inputs to accommodate music and AV sources. Expanding the audio distribution system is easy — simply add up to 3 additional units to support a total of 24 rooms. Each room has the ability to select any of the 12 input sources, with complete control over the room’s volume, mute, and more.

Combine multiple rooms together from your smart phone app for a special occasion. All controls are in your hands, no special coding is necessary.

Make your space useful & different

  • Affordable audio distribution for 6 rooms, expandable up to 24 rooms
  • Features independent control of volume, and other settings for each room
  • Includes 12 inputs with loop-thru for easy expansion
  • Additional line-level room outputs enable support for two additional zones
  • Provides support for passive or active powered subwoofers
  • Includes front panel controls for source selection and volume control
  • Integrated 12-channel amplifier delivers 50 W/Ch. @ 8Ω and 75 W/Ch. @ 4Ω

Unparalleled Quality

OneTouch AV can help you decide on the best path for your Multiroom audio distribution system design. Yes, Multiroom audio distribution is for home, condo, restaurant, office and small business. Best of the best system with affordable price.

Crestron Home™ is the award winning super intelligent time-tested platform to manage everything in the condo, home, villas, mansion or command and control center with ease.

Its never too late

The best time to think about integrated home technology is even before you move in to a home or condo. The Home Automation professionals can work with the building trades and designers at the construction stage to make sure your system fits in perfectly with your taste, lifestyle and needs.

However, even if you are already moved in, it’s easier than ever to add this technology to an existing home or condo. The wireless systems won’t interfere with your neighbors, as these systems uses unique frequencies. The use of almost no cable and the fact that there is no need for conduit means that there is minimal millwork and almost no disruption to your schedule during installation.

Input Signal Types

Stereo analog line (unbalanced)

Output Signal Types

Stereo speaker level, stereo analog line (unbalanced)

Volume Control

-80 to +20 dB

Output Power

50 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms;
75 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms;
150 Watts mono at 8 Ohms bridged


10/100 Mbps


(24) RCA female comprising (12) unbalanced stereo line-level audio inputs;


(6) 4-pin 5 mm detachable terminal blocks;
Power amplifier outputs;


(4) RCA female comprising (2) unbalanced stereo line-level audio outputs (same signal as SPEAKER OUTPUTS 5 – 6)


(4) RCA female comprising (2) unbalanced stereo line-level audio outputs;

Main Power

5 Amps @ 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz


3.47 in (89 mm)


17.28 in (439 mm)


13.64 in (347 mm)


25.0 lb (11.4 kg)


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