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Multizone Amplifier System

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You are living in your own home or bought your first home or condo. You always wanted to play your favorite Music in the Kitchen, living room or Backyard. You dreamed to have music in every room when you have friends or family get-together. You have seen it in your CEO’s home in the rich neighborhood. Higher price tag sidelined your dream. That’s NOT the case anymore.

Gone are the days of searching for the perfect automation and Multizone Amplifier system at an affordable price. Now you can afford a smart home with Multizone Amplifier system. It is easy to own and operate. Just a Tap to play music everywhere in your home, turn on the lights, lower the shades or secure your home.

  • Newest high‑performance 4‑Series multicore Control System for Whole Home
  • Cost-effective Whole Home Stereo Amplifier with 6×4 stereo matrix switcher
  • Powerful 8-channel integrated Amp 50 Watts/Ch. @ 8Ω or 75 Watts/Ch. @ 4Ω
  • Great sound quality 5.25″ 2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers with Woofers
  • Setup – First-time setup by a certified technician.

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Crestron® Home™ is the time-tested intelligent platform to manage everything in the home with ease. Whole Home Multizone Amplifier system includes a luxury Crestron® solution at a budget price.

Start with the 4 room audio distribution system and unleash the incredible power to manage everything in your home. This Powerful Whole Home Multizone Amplifier system is guaranteed to give you enjoyable musical environment throughout the house whether it is Kitchen, Living room, Game room, Backyard or Balcony.

Make your space useful & different

Whole Home Multizone Amplifier system includes six stereo inputs to accommodate six music and AV sources. Expanding the audio distribution system is easy — To support 16 zones add 3 more units.

Each room has the ability to select any of the 6 input sources using app with complete control. For a special occasion combine few rooms together in party mode to play the same music throughout the house. You can do all these using the app in your smart device. Also it includes front panel controls for source selection and volume control.

Unparalleled Quality

OneTouch AV can help you decide on the best path to saving money for your smart home design. We examine new technologies available, select the best fit for your home and create a plan for you to implement it.

With Newer Crestron Home™, let your home provide comfort, convenience and peace of mind. No need to call the system integrator to adjust the lighting mode or change motorized shade schedule. For the past 20+ years, we have always prioritized Crestron solutions. Why? Because No other solutions are as time-tested as Crestron.


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