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Roller Shades

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You’re re-decorating, building a new custom home or moving into a home or condo. You have to cover your windows anyway to protect your privacy. You could put up old fashioned blinds or curtains, just like people have for hundreds of years. But smart home owners are realizing that the benefits of motorized drapery can be yours for little more than the price of a good quality regular drapes.

It’s the motors that makes the difference. By attaching window coverings to motorized rollers you can command them from a hand held remote, touch screen, smart phone or tablet, or ask the shade to follow astronomical clock.

  • Clean Flat Shading Solution in Transparent, Translucent or Blackout Fabrics
  • Fit any window up to 15 feet wide
  • Dual shades provide a beautiful view or blackout at the touch of a button
  • Curtain walls: couple up to six shades as a single group with one Crestron QMT® motor
  • Setup – First-time setup by a certified technician.

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Roller Shades

Crestron® Roller shades are quiet, precision control of daylight and privacy at night. Crestron® Roller Shades are the perfect solution for any Decor. Crestron® Roller Shades are ideal for a plain clean look. Roller shades are available in up to 15 feets wide to meet the requirements of any project.

Save your Décor

Save beautiful expensive fine furniture and floors from fading and yellowing from the bleaching action of the the Sunlights. Motorized drapery / window coverings can be programmed to follow the Sunlights schedule and protect your home Décor from sunlight.

Save money

Motorized Drapery and Shade or Window coverings are an important part of your Climate control system. Shades limit or maximize sun exposure and form an important form of insulation on the windows, the place where most heat is lost in any space. Shades with foil linings can be used to reflect the sun’s rays, while blinds with air pockets can provide amazing warmth in cold weather. Saving you from higher energy bills.

Enjoy your privacy

Using motorized dual shade systems, you can see everything outside during the day with 5% ~ 20% opacity, and use the opaque blind 0% opacity for complete privacy at night. By using side channels on the window frames, you can even achieve total blackout anywhere you want it.

Crestron® infiNET EX

Reliable infiNET EX® wireless technology provides dependable 2-way RF communications throughout a residential or commercial structure without the need for physical control wiring. Using a 2.4 GHz mesh network topology, each infiNET EX device functions as an expander, ensuring that every command reaches its intended destination.

Motorized drapery can communicates with a control system via infiNET EX Wireless Gateway. Up to 100 infiNET EX devices may coexist on a wireless network.

OneTouch AV can help you design the best smart home or corporate space along with saving money for you. 21 years of experience is going to work for you. Your requirements is our key priority.

With Newer Crestron Home™ solutions your home or office becomes more secure and convenient.

Motor Speed

10‑30 RPM

Power Requirements

42.5 W (1.8 A @ 24 VDC)
Requires a CSA‑PWS40 or CSA‑PWS10S‑HUB‑ENET power supply
(all sold separately)

Shade Widths Supported

18 to 133 in. (458 to 3,379 mm);
Depending upon shade height and fabric selection


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