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Touch Screen Controller

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A stylish Crestron® tabletop touch screen controller featuring web browsing, Smart Graphics® software technology, H.265/H.264 streaming video, a Rava® SIP intercom, Wi‑Fi network® connectivity, and PoE+ network power. A capacitive touch screen display controller with custom‑programmable control buttons.

A sleek and powerful user interface for controlling smart home amenities, boardroom, classroom, or commercial facilities. Built-in proximity sensor wakes the screen for easy user interaction.

With built-in voice recognition, the touch screen provides the ability to use spoken commands to turn devices on or off, change the channel, choose a lighting mode, lower the windows shades, lock the doors, or arm the security system. Simply say the Voice command and Crestron® does the rest.

  • Voice Command Controller
  • Touch Screen with Web Browsing
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Wired and Wi-Fi Connectivity with PoE
  • Setup – First-time setup by a certified technician.

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Have a Crestron® Voice Command Touch Screen controller and enjoy the incredible power of centralized management of your home amenities. This Powerful Voice Command Touch Screen controller is guaranteed to give you enjoyable Voice Command Recognition to manage your home. Voice recognition can be used to Turn on or off devices on the premise, change the TV or satellite channel, change lighting modes, lower the window blinds, lock or unlock the door, or arm the security system.

Crestron® Home™ is an intelligent platform which is easy to use for managing environmental controls like lights, motorized window shades, music in every rooms, video in every rooms, cable TV, security systems, HVAC, door locks – basically everything in the home, office, restaurant or industrial space with convenience and comfort.

Voice Command Touch Screen

Crestron® Voice Command advanced Touch Screen Controller is a sleek and powerful user interface for controlling technology in a home, boardroom, classroom, or any commercial space. The touch screen controller provides an intuitive interface that is fully customizable with easy-to-use interface.

Voice Recognition allows functions to be executed using a spoken commands rather than touching or clicking a virtual button. Proximity sensor wakes the touch screen controller for easy user interaction, and automatic brightness ensure optimal visibility under different lighting conditions

Quality is the Key

OneTouch AV can help you design the best smart home or amazing corporate space along with saving money for you. 21 Years of field experience is going to work for you. We prefer control systems without monthly fees. Your requirements is our key priority. In our design process we ensure comfort, convenience and safety is the key priority.

Sonos and Crestron have partnered to provide a powerful whole-house music experience. From any touch screen in the house, browse for tracks, artists, or playlists using all the services available from Sonos and instantly play them in any room using Sonos® wireless speakers or a Crestron Sonnex® multiroom audio system

With Newer Crestron Home™ solutions your home becomes more secure and convenient.

Aspect Ratio

16:10 WXGA

Voice Recognition

Built‑in voice recognition

Web Browser

Built‑in web browser


Wired, PoE and Wireless


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