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Voice Command Touch Screen Remote

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Voice Command Touch Screen Remote to manage whole home. Unlike other remotes – this Remote is not line of sight TV remote. This 3 in. color Touch Screen, backlit buttons, voice control capable enhanced Wi-Fi® wireless remote is for managing your whole home or office. A space-saving tabletop dock is included for charging the remote

Movement sensing remote is always ready to use. Elegant, ergonomic, and rugged Crestron® Voice Command Touch Screen Remote uses enhanced Wi-Fi® Wireless Technology. It provides remarkable 50 feet (15 meters) omnidirectional range (conditions permitting).

With built-in voice recognition, the Remote provides the ability to use spoken commands to turn devices on or off, change the channel, choose a lighting scene, lower the windows shades, lock the doors, or arm the security system. Simply press the Voice button and say a command and Crestron® does the rest

  • Voice Command Recognition
  • Touch Screen with Smart Graphics® Technology
  • Extended Battery Life
  • High-performance Wi-Fi® wireless communications
  • Setup – First-time setup by a certified technician.

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Start with the Crestron® Voice Command Touch Screen Remote and enjoy the incredible power to manage everything in your home from one place. This Powerful Voice Command Touch Screen Remote is guaranteed to give you enjoyable Voice Command Recognition to manage your entire house smart devices. Voice recognition can be used to quickly turn devices on or off, change the channel, change a lighting modes, lower the windows shades, lock the front doors, or arm the security system.

Crestron® Home™ is a intelligent platform to manage everything in the home, office, restaurant or industrial space with convenience and comfort.

Voice Command Touch Screen Remote

Crestron® Voice Command Remote is an elegant, customizable wireless controller designed for use in whole home, theaters, bedrooms, hotel rooms, boardrooms, and many other applications.

Crestron® high-resolution 3 in. (76 mm) capacitive touch screen provides customizable control for audio, video, lighting, shades, climate, security, and other amenities. Voice Recognition allows many functions to be executed using spoken commands.

Exceptional Voice Command Remote

OneTouch AV can help you design the best path to saving money for your control systems. We always propose systems without monthly fees. Your requirements is our first priority. We design to ensure comfort, convenience and safety is the first priority.

With Newer Crestron Home™ solutions your home becomes more safe, secure and convenient. Crestron Home™ has performance UI. Performance UI is a built-in software program for the Voice Command Remote that provides a preprogrammed graphical interface for controlling a Crestron® OS 2 system.


White LED backlighting behind all button labels

Light Sensor

Photosensor detects the ambient light level to enable the backlight if the room is dark

Movement Sensor

Accelerometer detects if the remote is picked up or moved, wakes the remote from sleep mode, and turns on the backlight if the room is dark

Wireless Communication

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi (2.4 or 5 GHz 2-way RF)


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