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What about window coverings that react automatically to sunlight, so that even if you aren’t there they will still close and protect your valuable furniture and floors from sun damage.

What about a skylight over your bed with a motorized blackout shade? Sleep under the stars when you want, or keep it closed for perfect privacy.

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Automation: OneTouch AV

Surface: 500m2

Etobicoke, Ontario

A proper design for the system will save you a world of trouble later in the process. You can pay a designer to do this, but one way to get around spending the money is to use a reputable full-service company that offers design services.

If you bundle design, sales and installation with one supplier, you can negotiate a big discount or rebate on the design as part of the package and definitely save money on home automation.

A warning: If the company you’re considering doesn’t supply or require a complete design before beginning the install, walk away.

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Beautiful, architect-designed renovations and OneTouch-designed Smart Home completed reliably from start to finish

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern smart home designs all over Ontario, Canada.


Intelligent Homes


From start to finish

“You can knock out a very complicated system with almost no programming at all – just an iPad or a Web app,” John Clancy, Crestron VP, Residential, in an interview with CE Pro.

John Clancy, VP, Crestron

Creating places that enhance the human experience with unique products

Lighting Control – No longer a luxury. Automated lights help fight Climate change.

There was a time when a fully automated home lighting system was considered a luxury.

Crestron, the world’s foremost lighting control company makes it easy for fully automated home lighting system.

As homeowners become more and more conscious of energy use and security, they will find these new generation systems provide solutions that are more affordable than ever and, because of the use of wireless technology, far easier to integrate into an existing home.


Sensor detects momentary occupancy and automatically turns the lights off after 90 seconds.


Dimmers Faceplates are customizable for any décor.

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