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Whole Home Automation Includes the Bedroom. Home automation exists to enhance different parts of your lifestyle, security, convenience, entertainment, assisted living, safety, energy efficiency, and let’s not forget, fun.

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Automation: OneTouch AV

Surface: 350m2

Toronto, Ontario

There is an opportunity to take advantage of all of these in an automated bedroom. Let’s take a look at few ways that a modern well-designed system can make your life better.

Privacy and Security
These are two of the most obvious. Motorized window coverings should now be considered standard equipment in the bedroom of any quality home. When you choose a top of the line product like Crestron, you can order double shades. The daytime shade will preserve your privacy while allowing a view of the outside. Put down the blackout blind at night, and you will have total privacy and no street lights or passing headlights to disturb your sleep.

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Beautiful, architect-designed renovations and OneTouch-designed Smart Home completed reliably from start to finish

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern smart home designs all over Ontario, Canada.


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Years from start to finish

“You can knock out a very complicated system with almost no programming at all – just an iPad or a Web app,” John Clancy, Crestron VP, Residential, in an interview with CE Pro.

John Clancy, VP, Crestron

Creating places that enhance the human experience with unique products

Light Solutions

In our stressful world, the bedroom should be an oasis of calm. Indirect dimmable LED lights are not only energy efficient, they also enhance the decor of any bedroom.

By adding the lights to your home automation system, you can use the touch of a button at your bedside to turn on the lights anywhere in the house. This is especially good if you have to check on a crying baby or find out what that noise is downstairs.

Music in the bedroom is overlooked, but should be a part of the system.

Whether you use the bedroom as a computer room, a refuge to read in or a place to relax and have a nap, your choice of background music can help. Or, you can hear the latest weather report in the morning as you get ready for your busy day.

All the music selections can be easily controlled from your bedside touch panel or from an I-device.


Another item that has become standard equipment in most bedrooms is a flat screen TV. You could just have a cable signal, but why stop there?

In a fully automated home, you can have access to the internet, Netflix, cable and satellite. Why not add a wireless keyboard and surf the internet from your bed on the giant screen?

Use your bedside touch screen and you can call up any film that is on your media server.

Start watching a movie in the living room and finish watching it in bed. Access all your favourite sports channels. The sky is the limit.

You can even put the TV sound through the ceiling speakers for a theatre experience in your own bed.


Cost-effective audio distribution affords a luxury Crestron solution at a mid-tier price for small to moderate sized houses, condominiums, and businesses.


Lets everyone enjoy their own choice of music, sports or news in any room as part of a complete Crestron system.

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