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Smart Home Solution for Condominium (MDU)

Client are Doctors. They were not only well educated, they were with great knowledge of Audio Quality, true audiophile. Their clear instructions were no audio from popular smartphone device which most consumers uses.

Client wish list:
– Best Smart Home Solutions for Condominium
– Complete integration of everything
– Motorized Drapery
– High-quality Audio in lossless format in all rooms
– Movie players and Cable TV for all rooms
– Use the living room TV as laptop monitor

Private Customer

Design, engineer & install: OneTouch AV

Surface: 465m2

Oakville, Ontario
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Smart Home Solution for Condominium motorized drapery

Our goal was to provide a solution that lasts a lifetime experience.

We have been in the automation industry for 20+ years. We have seen first hand what works and what not.

Based on client requirements and our experience, we have decided to go with Crestron® Smart Home Solution for Condominium (MDU). Crestron means complete integration of everything in the building on one platform.

In our 20 years of experience, Crestron motorized drapery means a Luxury that lasts a lifetime. Crestron® means, a solution that’s not put together with a piecemeal approach to build a solution.

For Best Smart Home Solutions for Condominium – we proposed Crestron® total solution
For Motorized Drapery we proposed Crestron Motorized Quiet Shade
For lossless Audio and Video distribution wiring we proposed Fiber Optics cable
For movie players we proposed Kaleidescape® Cinema players
To use TV as laptop monitor Crestron AirMedia to the rescue
For audiophile quality sound we proposed Tannoy® speakers

Project Details

Fiber Optic cable: Cresfiber® 8g Multimode Fiber Optic Cable, 50/125 X4 Breakout
Cresnet cable: Cresnet® Control Cable
Network cable: Digitalmedia 8g™ Cable
Shade cable: Cresnet® HP “high-power” Control Cable

Audio distribution
Crestron® Sonnex™ Multiroom Audio System 24×8

TV and movies to all rooms distribution
Crestron DM 8×8 Digitalmedia™ Switcher, Fiber Receiver and Room Controller

Control system
Crestron CP3 3-Series Control System

Touch screen
Crestron 24, 10.1 and 7 inch Wall Mount HD Touch Screen Display

Remote controller
Crestron TPMC-3X Remote controller

Motorized Drapery and Shades
Crestron QMT Shade. The Translucent Shades gives privacy plus 90% daylights. Blackout curtains blocks night the lights.

Movie players:
Kaleidescape® Vault with Cinema Player

Panasonic® 55″, 47″, 42″, 37″ LED 1080P 360 BLS Viera Connect

Tannoy® Two Way Ceiling Monitor System with Back Can

Pakedge® Router, PoE Switch, Ultra High Power Wireless Access Point

Smart UPS
APC® Smart-UPS,2700 Watts /2880 VA,Input 120V/Output 120V

TV mount
Peerless Universal Tilt Wall Mount

Video doorbell
dbell video doorbell

Security System
A Custom-designed Whole-house Security Package Integrates With Control System Touch Panels.

Equipment enclosure
MIDDLE ATLANTIC 4224 Series Rack System

Smart Home Solution for Condominium with Touch screen controller in the kitchen
Motorized Drapery and Shade by OneTouch Automation

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OneTouch AV designed Smart Home Solution for Condominium

Intelligent Homes

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Enhance the life experience

Creating spaces that enhance the life experience

“You can knock out a very complicated system with almost no programming at all – just an iPad or a Web app,” John Clancy, Crestron VP, Residential, in an interview with CE Pro.

John Clancy, VP, Crestron

Crestron 2012 Award winner

Smart Home Solution for Condominium

In this home when the Garage door opens, the entire path lights is illuminated to Welcome the Guest.

When the guest press the Movie button, lights dim. The screen comes to life with a great film. The audience is suddenly silent. The magic begins with the content Kaleidescape Movies deliver.

Kaleidescape movies are delivered to private cinema with the highest video quality available, and pure, lossless reproductions of the original motion picture soundtracks. Then Kaleidescape adds proprietary metadata that allows the players to present a personalized cinematic experience.

Smart Condominium wall touch screen

Onboard control ports in the Processor allows Crestron Home to integrate with a wide variety of audio, video, lighting, motorized shades, thermostats, door locks, sensors, and other equipment. Integration with a security system is supported using the optional COM Port.


Crestron 4‑Series™ Processor provides a secure, high-performance with the embedded Crestron Home OS.

Intuitive control

Designed for anywhere people share information, connect with technology, or control a space.

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