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Creating spaces with Technology solutions for Home that enhance the human experience

You rush to the airport with entire family for a long awaited vacation. Suddenly you can’t remember – did you lock the doors? Are lights off? Is Thermostat set to low? Are all the Shades lowered? Is security system activated? Is your house on Vacation mode?

Well, Smart Home is to the rescue. All you need to remember is, bring your smart phone with you. You do a check of your entire home while waiting in the airport lounge. Keep an eye while enjoying the vacation and great outdoors.

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Technology solutions for Home
Enhance the human experience
Design your own Audio system and Get 30% Off

Audio solutions

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Provides a simple and cost-effective solution for distributing multiple Audio sources like, iTunes, Radio, Music Server, iHeartRadio®, Amazon® Voice Service, SiriusXM®, etc. to multiple rooms.

Design your own Motorized Window Shades and Get 30% Off

Motorized shading solutions

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Provides a simple and cost-effective solution for Motorized Shading. Enjoy privacy while allowing natural lights. Silent operation. Save energy. Protect your furniture and art from damaging Sunlight

Design your own Lighting system and Get 30% Off

Lighting solutions

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Provides a simple and cost-effective solution for Lighting system. Control Lights individually, all at once or scheduled. Set ‘mode’, so that a single tap of a button will change set of lights to suite different activities, like “Dine” or “Guest” mode. Centralize lighting control. Save Energy. It could help our planet.

Design your own Security system and Get 30% Off


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Keep your loved ones Safe. Preview streaming video from security cameras right on the mobile device in your hand or in your laptop screen. All monitoring from one place for peace of mind – door locks, intercom, cameras and alarm.

Design your own Video Distribution system and Get 30% Off

Video solutions

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Provides a simple and cost-effective solution for distributing multiple HD Video sources (Cable, Satellite, Video server etc.)  to multiple TV rooms using standard CATx cable.

Setup your Maintenance service and Get back your peace of mind

Maintenance Service

We understand that when a owner or organization buys a product, just as important as the functionality of the product is the peace of mind it should bring. To that end, we don’t just sell equipment but we service it as well. We all know that technology is as good as they are, there are also the probability of fails and when it does, you don’t want to be passed off to another company. You want that one point of contact and that makes dealing with OneTouch such a reassuring experience. OneTouch is often able to service a failed component in the field or at our facility. But in the rare instance when it needs to be sent to manufacturer we will take care of the details.

Call for Coding service and Get your source code

Programming service

Our philosophy of automation coding is that your space should be comfortable, pleasant, safe and usable by everyone in your family, be it your children, you or your spouse, aging parents or person with a disability. The use of modern technology and automation can help create living spaces that are convenient and energy efficient, more greener, more secure, protects you and your family, minimize the potential for accidents and result in a house that is able to adapt to life’s changes, whether caused by changing family composition or the changing abilities of family members.

  • Keep your loved ones Safe

  • Never a wrong time to help the environment

Audiovisual Technology Solutions for Home

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