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On your front hallway light’s can automatically turn on when the door is opened to illuminate your path – a benefit to everyone especially people with limited vision. Or turn off the entire house lights with a single button press on your way out – for today’s home or Office automation these are the basic features. Motion sensors can activate lights which are beneficial to people with limited mobility and physical disabilities because they do not have to manually turn on a switch. Read more →


New CD’s in your collection? It takes less than five minutes to add your new CD to your collection including metadata, cover art and all the relevant info. Imagine having your entire music collection hosted on one intelligent device, with the ability to play any track, album, or playlist in seconds using the onscreen display or one touch of a button on your touch screen throughout the home using your audio visual automation system. Read more


Entertaining your guest has never been easier! Browsing through your movie collection is fun and easy using home automation controller, viewing high-res cover art, movie synopses and cast information for each title, with the ability to search by title, actor, director, genre, and other criteria. All you need is a simple OneTouch home automation Solution. Read more →


The idea of being watched in your office or home by a prowler just waiting to pounce is terrifying. OneTouch audiovisual Automated Shades is where safety and comfort walks hands in hand! Let the Shade close right after the Sunset. With the help of astronomical clock, your home or office automation system knows when to close and when to open your shade. Or you can control them whenever you want with a simple OneTouch! Read more →

Audio visual, Lighting Design & Integration, Music and Movie Server, Silent Motorized Shades, Environmental controls, Intercom Communications, Remote Access to Audio visual automation Systems, Digital Camera Surveillance. OneTouch audio visual automation solutions is for custom audio visual systems that simplify your life.


Ones safety and security is a key element in today’s modern life. OneTouch Audiovisual systems can support numerous types of security systems. There are numerous types of security systems available without paying monthly monitoring fees or with monthly monitoring fees. Crime is on the rise in many areas of our country. Burglaries occur every 13 seconds somewhere Read more →

Climate control – HVAC

Ultimate comfort is in your finger tips, now you can easily adjust Heating, Ventilation or Air Conditioning from the comfort of your bed to improve your safety, comfort and convenience using Home automation systems. Expand your current system’s usability and make life easier for people of all abilities. Crestron Climate Control solutions enhance home automation and Read more →

Digital Media

Crestron DigitalMedia™ is the best home automation solution in the industry to bring Digital Media or True HD in your daily life. From Broadcast to Streaming Media – everything is digital. Is your entertainment system Digital? Blu-ray Disc®, cable/satellite TV, Apple TV®, Internet radio, Netflix®, Hulu® Plus and YouTube® – all are fully digital. Read more →

Remote Monitoring

Home automation is no longer a luxury. You can remotely monitor your home automation system or security cameras from Florida or anywhere in the world using iMac®, PC, iPhone®, iPad® or internet Browser.




We design your audio visual systems using AutoCAD and Visio. We review the home automation systems design with you at different stages of the project, at the time of proposal, at the time of finalizing the proposal, prior to ordering the product, different phases of construction. It is easy, economical and better to finalize your expectation on the drawing board first. Once you approve the home automation systems design we start the implementation process.

Smart Home

We take pride in our professional audio visual automation systems design, drawings and quality programming of your audio visual automation systems. We approach each project with a fresh perspective to ensure the audio visual automation design will reflect the latest proven technology, your electronic lifestyle, and value to meet your budget.


We work closely with the business owners, home-owners, architects, interior designers, builders, and other sub-trades to plan, monitor and execute your home automation project from concept to completion.

Quality Control

Our audio visual automation Project is commissioned using 25 point checklist before it is released for use.

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